CERT members recognized by Mayor Blakespear


Encinitas CERT members were presented with the Mayor’s Certificate of Recognition for continued excellent public service Jan. 24.

Encinitas CERT’s mission is to reduce the severity a large scale disaster will have on the City of Encinitas. To accomplish this mission, Encinitas CERT has three areas of focus: (1) Providing members with on-going training in basic disaster response, leadership and organization skills; (2) Educating the citizens of Encinitas in disaster preparedness and recruiting new team members to join the organization; and (3) Supporting the Encinitas Fire Department and related emergency services in the event of a disaster.

The next Are You Ready presentation is scheduled for Monday, March 26, and will be held at the Encinitas Community Center at 6 p.m. The next CERT Academy, where residents are trained to become CERT members, starts April 3. For more information about CERT and to sign up for these events, please visit