Encinitas women to hold dance concert April 19


Two Encinitas choreographers will showcase their talents in a county-wide dance festival this month.

Heather Glabe and Sadie Weinberg, who each live in Encinitas’ Village Park neighborhood, will present “Split Bill,” a dance show choreographed by the two women, on April 19 at White Box Live Arts in San Diego.

The show is part of the San Diego Dance Theater’s Live Arts Festival, which takes place April 12 - 23.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to be able to focus more on just making the work and less on securing a venue and all the pieces that can come into play when we’re putting a show together on our own,” Glabe said regarding being a part of the festival.

Weinberg added that as a result of being in the festival, she felt the women were part of a “huge discussion” about what kinds of dances people are making, what the aesthetics are and what the questions are that the dancers are raising.

For their one-hour show, Glabe and Weinberg will showcase several modern dance pieces that will be backed with live and recorded music.

The work fluctuates between choreographed movements and improvisational dances to allow the performers to show their personality and creativity, said the women, who met each other at a dance class in Carlsbad.

“I think the way we’ve really been approaching it is as a split bill, where we’re showing our own pieces,” Glabe said. “We just have found that we have similar questions and ways about working with people as individuals.”

Each choreographer has assembled a cast of dancers, including their former students, local professionals and performers from Los Angeles.

Weinberg, who teaches dance at MiraCosta College, said she has noticed a spike in dancers in North County.

“It seems there are a lot of us who, as we get older and move into motherhood, we tend to move more north,” she said. “It’s becoming a little bit of its own community where it used to be that the dance community was primarily downtown, but it’s starting to percolate up in North County, particularly in Encinitas.”

The performance will take place at 7:30 p.m. on April 19 at White Box live Arts, 2590 Truxton Road on the second floor.

Tickets are $20 for the show. For those interested in seeing all the Live Arts Festival shows, a pass is available for $120 to see all 10 performances.

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