JCS Innovation Centre Encinitas students show off their art skills

JCS Innovation Centre Encinitas student Addie Pennock with her artwork
Keaton Pappas
JCS Innovation Centre Encinitas student Keaton Pappas with his artwork. Courtesy

A showcase of Julian Charter School (JCS) Innovation Centre Encinitas student artwork took place May 22 in the program’s Student Center.

On display were pieces of art produced by the students in kindergarten through seventh grade. Historical artists such as Hokusai, Michelangelo and Keith Haring were all represented and paid tribute to. This 100 percent parent-run, school-supported program is a prime example of the importance of art in children’s education. Techniques such as texture, space and form were all evident in the children’s pieces.

— Submitted news release

Jake Thompson
JCS Innovation Centre Encinitas student Jake Thompson with his artwork Courtesy