Lux Art Institute presents work by UK artist Andy Harper


Lux Art Institute is pleased to announce the exhibition of British artist, Andy Harper from Nov. 18 to Jan. 13. Harper will be staying and working at the Lux, 1550 South El Camino Real, from Nov. 18 to Dec. 16.

Guided by fluctuations of thought, ideas, and nature, Harper creates lush shapes that he liquefies with oil paint and painting medium. He manipulates this liquid state of paint with fluid and quick brushwork, scraping, and staining in order to generate visually intricate forms that pulsate over the canvas. Inspired by his environment and art history, Harper’s work reconfigures and regenerates in order to find structure, form, and balance.

Shifting his practice from the West Coast of England to the West Coast of the United S of patterns and forms mixed with his observations of San Diego County during his residency at Lux.

Harper received his Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art Painting from Brighton Polytechnic in 1993. He obtained a M.A. degree in Fine Art Painting from the Royal College of Art, London, which he received in 1995, and an M.A in Visual Culture Commendation in 1999 from the Middlesex University, London. Harper has exhibited throughout the world and most recently in solo exhibitions at the Danese/Corey gallery in New York, Morgen Contemporary in Berlin, and Page Gallery in Seoul, as well as a group exhibition at El Segundo.

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