Ada Harris students pitch handmade toys at fair


Sixth graders at Ada Harris Elementary School showed off their science skills in the form of toy crafting Dec. 15. It was a culmination of the kids’ Project Toy.

Prior to displaying and pitching the handmade toys at a fair that day, the students worked independently or in teams over the course of 10 weeks to research the latest trends in toys, study their features and understand their functions.

They then developed the prototypes, crafted product descriptions and created marketing materials. They also made scale drawings of their toys and researched similar toy trends to determine price points.

“Project-based learning such as this provides active and engaging learning for our students that connects what they are doing with a real-world relevance for possible future careers,” Ada Harris sixth-grade teacher Kate Therriault. “This project takes our students beyond the classroom and pushes them to think critically, problem solve, collaborate with others and build their confidence as they improve their communication and presentation skills.”