Encinitas physical therapists publish new book

Drs. Dawn and Oscar Andalon

Drs. Dawn and Oscar Andalon, founders of an Encinitas physical therapy clinic, released a book called “Thrive, Not Survive Over 40” to help their patients and other readers maintain active lifestyles as they get older.

“We wrote this book because we were getting a lot of the common questions and hearing a lot of the same stories from our clients,” said Dawn Andalon, who has been married to Oscar for 15 years.

She said the two of them started their clinic, LEVEL4 PT & Wellness, because they felt they could best serve patients with the methods and techniques that they developed. They typically work with patients in the San Diego area who are in their 40s, 50s and 60s, helping them maintain new habits and routines to stay active as they get older while avoiding painkillers and surgeries. Knee, back, neck, shoulder pain and other physical issues that arise from sports and other activities are some of the common issues they treat.

After the COVID-19 pandemic led to the closures of many businesses and in-person services, they also started holding virtual sessions for their patients who live nearby and farther away.

In a news release announcing the virtual service, they said that “being able to see people in their own home environment doing everyday things that pain limits them from doing gives us a way to make quick, meaningful, and lasting improvements in people’s everyday lives.”

Dawn added that they wanted to show patients that “you can get better if you’re getting the right guidance.” The book is geared toward the same demographic they treat at their clinic: people who are over 40 years old and need a way to manage the nagging injuries, aches and pains that become more common with age.

The book, which they wrote over the course of two years, includes personal stories about their experiences treating injuries, as well as stories from clients about how they overcame their problems.

Dawn, who wrote a previous book about women’s health and postpartum wellness, said she handled the editing and Oscar did most of the writing of “Thrive, Not Survive Over 40.” It was the first book they wrote together.

“It was quite a process but very much worth it,” she said, adding that they’ve received positive feedback from people who have read the book so far.

The book is available on Amazon and on the clinic’s website. For more information, visit