Encinitas resident authors ‘Radical Enlightenment’

Author Kevin Russell

From a “massive enlightenment experience” late last year, Encinitas resident Kevin Russell wrote a book called “Radical Enlightenment: My Guy on the Ninth Floor.”

“I feel like there’s something just out of my grasp, I don’t really have an idea or a vision of what it is,” said Russell, who grew up in Poway, describing his state of mind before the book came to fruition. “And the analogy I always used was, I felt like a toddler in a dark room kind of feeling my way around.”

His wife referred him to an energy practitioner in Carlsbad. Russell said he had attended similar sessions before with mixed results. This time, he said he said he felt love, compassion and empathy.

“All of it was profound and completely unexpected,” Russell said.

He also experienced a shift in the voice in his head.

“It was still my voice, but it felt like it was almost a twin I had never known I had, but then felt intimately and immediately familiar,” he said.

The book’s subtitle, “My Guy on the Ninth Floor,” refers to the higher consciousness he said he was able to tap into.

After that experience, Russell said he spent 16 to 18 hours per day over the course of about two weeks writing the book.

“I could have done nothing else the entire time, like sleep or eat, and I would have been completely happy,” he said. “It was complete flow state, completely tapped in.”

Russell added that he wrote it for anyone trying to find tools they can use to better get through life, wants to achieve different perspectives, and anyone with an open and questioning mind. He also described it as a start-to-finish handbook about “removing the misperceptions and the shackles that we put on ourselves just by living in our world.”

“You can use it for elevating performance, whether it’s in education work, sports, whatever,” Russell said. “And it’s a tool that if you’re so inclined, you can use to get closer to that reconnection to our energetic core, our energetic center.”

He also said the book gives guidelines “that anybody can follow to have more enjoyment in their lives, more enjoyment in their relationships, better experiences with their family or their children or within work.”

Russell said he spent 20 years working in design, including software, websites, product interfaces and marketing. He also ran a digital agency with a partner for 10 years.

“Everything for me personally as far as what I’m doing in my life was rewritten in the direction of using the book as a vehicle to help people in their lives from a self-help standpoint,” he said.

After pursuing a publishing deal, Russell said he decided to self publish the book so he could complete the project on his own terms.

The book is the first in a series that will address parenting and relationships. Russell also said he’s planning two or three children’s books.

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