Encinitas resident and brother release children’s book series

"WEE BEASTiES" is the first in a series of books produced by Encinitas resident Bradford Knight and his brother David.

An Encinitas resident and his brother released the first of a series of illustrated children’s books, “WEE BEASTiES,” which teaches proper handwashing technique.

Several other books with lessons aimed at children were also released.

“We started putting this project together and it just blossomed into 11 books and 12 songs right now,” said Bradford Knight, 43, a musician who lives in Encinitas.

The subject matter of their debut is particularly relevant because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and their book series came together as a result of the pandemic.

Bradford’s younger brother, David Knight, 41, is a Colorado State University professor who was supposed to take part in an international program in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the pandemic began. After public health restrictions began taking effect due to the pandemic, David’s February visit to Encinitas turned into a five-month stay. The book project is the first time the two brothers have formally worked together.

“We’re always giving each other back and forth pointers, praise, critique, ideas, that sort of thing through the years,” David said.

He added that the project “allowed us to hone and combine our creativity.” They paired Bradford’s music with David’s poems.

About two years ago, Bradford shared with David that he wanted to play music for kids in hospitals.

“His passion is at least as strong if not stronger than mine for making kids happy and educating them,” David said. “I think that plays into a lot of where we would like to go, those two real messages of happiness and learning.”

The books, which are targeted to children ages 2 to 8, all focus on particular life issues. Some of the other titles in the series are “Bonnie McBower,” a story about a girl who has “an insatiable showering experience”; “Brushing,” which promotes good oral hygiene; “Smelly Feet,” which conveys the importance of cleaning your feet; and “Balloon” and “Roller Coaster,” which address safety issues.

The two brothers, who are from Massachusetts originally, said their goal is to expand to video games and other media. They added that their long-term goal is to “provide families with kids lots of joy and many smiles, and just a fun way to learn through song and literature with plenty of humor and life lessons.”

David added that there have been “good comments all around on a lot of different aspects of the project,” including from nurses and preschool teachers. One of his former students from when he was a middle school teacher even contacted him to ask about where to get the book.

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