Encinitas resident releases new book ‘The Rock Tumbler – 16 Life Lessons to Conquer the World by Becoming Who You’re Meant to Be’

Book cover
The cover and back page of Chad Busick’s new book.

For many people, a rock tumbler is a device that hobbyists use to transform dull, dusty, rough rocks into shiny, polished, colorful objects.

But Chad Busick looked at a rock tumbler and saw something else entirely – a symbol of the sometimes arduous and challenging paths that all of us travel in life, which can either crush our spirits or make us stronger.

Author Chad Busick
Author Chad Busick

Busick, 47, an Encinitas resident, decided to use a rock tumbler as a framework for a book that would help readers learn about the positive choices they could make to get the most out of life, rather than being beaten down by circumstances.

The result was an 84-page illustrated volume, called “The Rock Tumbler – 16 Life Lessons To Conquer the World by Becoming Who You’re Meant to Be.” The book, which Busick self-published through Xulon Press, is available on and other online booksellers. It can also be found at his website,

“I used it as a metaphor for life,” Busick said of the concept of the rock tumbler. “The things we go through can either shape us and make us better, or tear us down and spit us out.”

Busick correlated a series of 16 life lessons to different aspects of the rock tumbler – from the ingredients that go into the rock tumbler, to the processes that one goes through to polish the rocks, to the final results. For instance, chapters are headed with such titles as “your rock,” “grit,” and “water”, all of which go into a rock tumbler to assist the polishing process.

“Your rock” translates into yourself for purposes of the narrative, and it is the first ingredient that goes into the rock tumbler.

“It is important that we understand that showing up and truly being present is the most valuable thing that we can do. So much about what we get out of life has everything to do with what we put into it. Without showing up and being present in life, growth is impossible,” Busick wrote.

Later, in a chapter titled, “Rinse,” Busick described how the muddy rocks are removed from the tumbler and rinsed off with water to reveal their new, shiny surfaces. Busick equated this to taking the time to recharge and refresh from the constant demands of daily life.

“By practicing gratitude, we can help ourselves step away from the stress of life, which will prepare us to better handle what lies ahead… Combining gratitude with exercise and nature can be a successful formula for helping us get away, recharge and refresh,” he wrote.

The book also contains what Busick considers to be two fundamental truths: “Your circumstances, good or bad, do not define who you are or who you live for. It’s how you respond to them that will reveal this.” Secondly, “If you focus on what you’ll become, the search for who you are is endless. But when your identity is rock solid, who you can become is limitless.”

Also sprinkled throughout the book are quotes from authors, as well as a section that pairs each of the 16 life lessons with quotes from Scripture.

His intended audience? Busick said, “Anybody who is going through challenges in life, facing obstacles.”

Busick, who has worked in sales and marketing for more than 20 years, said “The Rock Tumbler” is his first book, although he has also partially written another volume, related to a business he launched a few years ago called Championship Mindset, which provides leadership training for corporate and athletic teams.

“It’s cool to see it out there and the feedback has been positive from people who’ve read it,” Busick said of “The Rock Tumbler,” which was published in November.

Along with publishing his book and working at his day job in sales, Busick launched a new website and started a podcast in 2020. “It’s been a busy year,” he said.

Busick and his wife, Jennifer, have lived in North County since 1996 and their two daughters, Shayne and Morgan, both graduated from San Dieguito Academy. For more information or to inquire about a speaking engagement, email Busick at