Grant from Bravo Foundationof Encinitas supports Championsfor Health programs


The Bravo Foundation, an Encinitas-based private nonprofit organization that supports programs benefiting the Hispanic community, has announced a $15,000 grant given to a pair of Champions For Health programs — Project Access San Diego (PASD) and Jump Start for Health (JSH).

PASD features medical professionals, including doctors and nurses, volunteering their time and skill to provide specialized medical care and surgeries at hospitals and surgery centers to low-income, underserved and uninsured San Diego County residents who could not afford healthcare services from specialists.

JSH is a diabetes prevention program for parents and children who live in low-income areas, and could benefit from new lifestyle behaviors and messaging to avoid diabetes caused by obesity. Through JSH, free classes will be held over a 16-week time at convenient community locations in predominately Spanish-speaking neighborhoods.

According to Champions for Health CEO Barbara Mandel, the Bravo Foundation grant is expected to provide specialty healthcare through the PASD program to about 800 adults during a one-year period, as well as help between 40 and 60 families participating in the JSH program.

“We are grateful to the Bravo Foundation for their support,” Mandel said in a release. “This grant will meet their mission to support grassroots efforts that provide social justice for the working poor.”

Champions for Health offers several health improvement and prevention initiatives that improve community health and wellness, access to care for all and support for physicians through engaged volunteerism. Since 2013, its “No More Breast Cancer” and “No Mas Cancer de Mama” programs have provided about 4,500 clinical breast exams, 4,000 screening mammograms and 500 diagnostic mammograms. Other Champions for Health programs include free screenings for colorectal cancer and high blood pressure, along with flu immunizations, a speakers bureau and scholarships for medical students and residents planning to care for the medically underserved.

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