La Costa Canyon High School takes a walk on the comedic dark side with The Addams Family – a musical

Addams Family
The Addams Family will run at 7 p.m. April 17-20 and April 24-27. Courtesy

Whimsical, mischievous and mysterious, La Costa Canyon (LCC) High School engages and truly entertains with its hilarious presentation of the Broadway musical, The Addams Family. The musical will run at 7 p.m. April 17-20 and April 24-27.

A playfully emotional journey that ingeniously explores the family dynamic – both positive and dysfunctional, the production includes stylistic dance numbers, vivid scenery and satiric lines delivered with wicked timing and precision. The lively theme is both relatable and laugh-out-loud enjoyable.

Based on the 1964 television series, the dark but family-friendly musical comedy features the antics of a bazaar and eccentric aristocratic family steeped in the supernatural. From the powerful opening scene that sets the stage of the strong family unit, to the music and set complete with ancestral spirits, the audience is immersed in the creatively droll and ludicrous atmosphere.

The endearing storyline, deeply rooted in family values, resonates through the ages marking the turning hands of time and all it represents: change, children maturing and the beginning of new lives. On this stage, parents wrestle with a daughter’s pending marriage and the changes it inevitably represents. The strong family theme mirrors the connection of the closely-knit cast and crew, many of whom have together matured in past theatre productions such as Les Miserable, Death of a Salesman and Love of Three Oranges, the latter of which won LCC a CETA Award. Their on-stage chemistry is palatable and transcends to portray the ideals of a true family, and, in real life, the changes forthcoming for graduating seniors in this production.

The 33-member LCC cast includes both experienced and fresh-to-theatre actors who adroitly and sublimely bring the musical to life. Quips and whips abound from beloved characters such as the elegant and alluring Morticia Addams, played by LCC senior Alondra Alvarez; the devilishly roguish Gomez, delivered with exquisite comedic timing by LCC senior and veteran actor Rocco Polanco; the unconventional Wednesday Addams, portrayed by newcomer Rianna Sundstedt; and the peculiar Pugsley represented by guest 8th grade actor Gage Magosin. Supporting cast members include Fiona Grubb as the quirky gramma; Paul Barnhouse as the vaudevillian Uncle Fester; and Dylan Baurle as the loyal Lurch. The soon-to-be-in-laws, the Beineckes, include the stuffy Mal Beinecke, played by Max Gruber; the rhyming Alice Beinecke, played by Evelyn Berry; and love interest Lucas Beinecke, played by Garrett Lee.

“There is irony in the selection of this particular musical,” says first-time student director and lead actor as Gomez, Rocco Polanco. “It is a piece about a family performed by a theatre family and the comparison of inevitable change sparked by soon-to-be new adventures is not lost on the cast.”

While perhaps an odd representation for some, The Addams Family is in fact the quintessential family, reminding people that love is precious, dare to be different, and always know when to let loose and dance.

The exquisite, edgy and sophisticated stage costumes, custom-designed by costume designer Josseline Tanus and costumer Julie Berry, are both lyrical and fantastical. To complement, set designer Fernando Robles and set designer/Builder Matt Gherna, have created an original Victorian-meets-haunted house look that is truly Addams Family-esqe.

The show also includes members of the LCC Maverick Dance Team, who provide additional ambience to the production’s intricate dance numbers, performing as ghoulish and ethereal “ancestors.”

The musical will be held at LCC’s David H. Thompson Theatre (1 Maverick Way, Carlsbad, CA 90029). For tickets and more information, visit —News release