CCA spring live theater returns with two productions

The LT cast and crew
The LT cast and crew (alphabetical order) : Daniella Addeo, Josh Alper, Illee Assadian, Robert Bednar, Mia Baenziger, Ian Brandon, Lily Chen, Isabella Chivers, Mia Crocker, Garrett Currier, Grace Demarest, Noell Dubenko, Sebastian Erbe, Gabi Esquenazi, Darren Gleisner, Morgan Griffith, Estee Groschel-Cohen, Bennett Halle, Bella Hirst, Julia Isber, Hayley Jones, Sophia Kahn, Allison Kim, Rebecca Kim, Matthew Layton, Sophie Maretz, Eric Masek, Peyton McKenzie Garand, Emma McManus, Drew McMullen, William Morris, Russel Noiman, Adina Olsen, Helen Park, Sophia Pizzi, Zoey Preston, Addison Rollins, Ethan Sager, Caroline Salel, Neta Sanchez, Audrey Song, Niko Stavrianos, Ryan James Sweeney, Abigail Tangonan, Christopher Tong, Ven Tran, Flynn Vance, Sneha Varma, Maddie Walker, Len Welstand, Sameer Whittle, Cori Young, Tiana Zhou
(Anna Quini)

Canyon Crest Academy Envision Theater Arts presents two live spring productions: The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical and The Wolves. Come check out these amazingly talented kids and support your local school.

The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical will be presented at Canyon Crest Academy’s Proscenium Theatre March 18 (7 p.m.), March 19 (2 p.m.), March 24 (4:30 p.m.), and March 26 (2 p.m. and 7 p.m.). A story about a kid who can’t get anything right, Percy feels helpless in a world that expects perfection. Until one day, when faced with tragedy, he finds how he can use his imperfections to save the world, fight monsters, and become a hero. Throughout this killer quest with his best friends Grover and Annabeth, Percy learns much about himself, his past, and, most importantly, that the Gods are real and they have kids. And those kids have issues. Suitable for all ages.

The Wolves cast
The Wolves cast: Front row: Charlotte Baltzer, Aryana Samadi, Hailey Irwin, Rachna Bokka, Katy Dawson;
Middle row: Caroline Knight, Ellis Kim, Makayla Buckholz, Sheila Menon; Back row: Taylor Coleman, Jovi Bourgeois, August Quini, Victoria Baltzer
(Anna Quini)

The Wolves will be held at Canyon Crest Academy Black Box Theatre March 17 (7 p.m.), March 19 (7 p.m.), March 23 (4:30 p.m.) and March 25 (7 p.m.). The Wolves is a play about the challenges girls face growing into women. Set in an indoor soccer facility, the girls discuss hanging out with older men, anxiety, eating disorders. surprising new competition and companionship, as they do drills and prepare for games. Each woman stands alone yet is also tightly intermingled in a spider web of companionship. Lively, dynamic characters break from traditional young female stereotypes with a message to persevere through hardship. Mature content and language.

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