Encinitas Visitors Center hosts ‘Mr. Encinitas’ mural unveiling and open house


The Encinitas Visitor Center hosted a festive open house Dec. 6 to unveil its new iconic “Mr. Encinitas” mural and to kick-off the holiday season.“Mr. Encinitas” was a collaborative effort between local artists from 101 Artists’ Colony including Board President Danny Salzhandler and artists Isabella Weaver, Marina Alberti, Brynja Rotsheck, Zak Weaver, Lee Rotsheck and Julie Ann Stricklin. The event was open to the public and artists. Encinitas Chamber of Commerce staff and board members, the family of Edgar Engert and the Mayor of Encinitas attended.

The mural prominently features longtime philanthropist Edgar Engert, known locally as “Mr. Encinitas,” who brought Oktoberfest to Encinitas to share a portion of his German heritage. To bring people together, Edgar also started the city’s Holiday Parade. He was involved in a number of local organizations throughout the city, including the Encinitas Chamber of Commerce. Visit

Photos by Robert McKenzie