Local Foundation exceeds $1 million in grants to support those in need


During the challenges of COVID, many individuals are stepping up and supporting their neighbors and those in need. This act of care is witnessed by an increase in charitable giving. This is the case with a local foundation in Encinitas. Coastal Community Foundation (CCF) posted over $1 million in grants in 2020. This figure is up over 25% from the previous year.

CCF Board President John Kelting said of the record year of grantmaking, “We are so proud of our donors who saw the opportunity to help and chose to make a positive difference in the lives of San Diego North County residents.”

About half of CCF grants in 2020 went toward social services, health and wellness, and services to support the homeless, including food distribution. The Fund for Supportive Housing and Homeless Recovery, established in 2019, made $25,000 grants to Community Resource Center, North County Lifeline and Solutions for Change to provide assistance to some of the most vulnerable populations in the community.

Many North County residents gave to one of the Foundation’s three giving circles — Hand to Hand, a women’s fund, Encinitas Fund, and Solana Beach Fund. The giving circles provide donor education and collaboration around a shared interest; in this case, supporting women and girls or a particular community. Pooled donations allow individuals to have a greater impact through their donations.

Coastal Community Foundation was established in 1987 by a group of dedicated citizens in the San Diego North County Coastal region. For many years, the organization was volunteer-run. With staff, the organization has doubled in size in the past five years and now manages 88 unique funds, approximately half of which are donor-advised funds. Each fund comes with a story of a caring community member or group of citizens who want to make a difference.

The mission of the Coastal Community Foundation is to enhance the quality of life in San Diego North County by directing philanthropic efforts toward community needs. For more information or to establish a fund, visit or call 760-942-9245. — News release