Aloha Bungalow opens in Leucadia

Emily and Brian Poage opened Aloha Bungalow in Leucadia.

Retail shop Aloha Bungalow opened in Leucadia Feb. 26, expanding from its original Redondo Beach location.

“We decided to call it the Aloha Bungalow because we think that the idea behind aloha is compassion and love for everyone,” said Brian Poage, who opened the store with his wife Emily. “So we wanted everyone to feel that kind of energy when they came into the shop, and we wanted to provide this platform for local artists to show their products and have a way to support them financially and really make something unique for the community. It’s been really well-received by the community in Redondo Beach and we just had a blast managing it.”

Emily, who has experience in design and merchandise, serves as the store’s CEO; Brian’s background is in construction. The two relocated to North County after he took a job with a software company in Carlsbad.

He added that they asked themselves before starting the business, “How can we help support and provide a platform for a lot of our local artist friends who make really interesting stuff they don’t sell in stores and you really can’t find it anywhere?”

“The idea behind the shop is that everything is unique,” Brian said of the store’s home decor, jewelry, clothing and other items. “Almost everything is made either here in North County by local people or in Southern California. Almost everything is at least made in the United States as well. We’re really excited to provide that platform.”

After friends in North County encouraged them to open another shop in the area, Brian and Emily found a Vulcan Avenue location, just south of Leucadia Boulevard and off North Coast Highway.

“It had a really cool vibe,” Brian said. “We were looking for a unique space.”

Brian and Emily also hired muralist Pepa Ivanoff to paint a colorful mural with the phrase “livin’ the dream.” They wanted it to “bring some vibrance to the community.”

Aloha Bungalow’s Redondo Beach location closed for about two months last year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but its two locations have received a boost from local residents in both areas.

“It’s amazing how local, small beach communities like Leucadia and Redondo Beach really come together and really try to support small, unique businesses during this time,” Poage said.

The Aloha Bungalow’s new Leucadia store is located at 811B N. Vulcan Ave. For more information, visit