LEVEL4 PT & Wellness offers an alternative to medications and surgery

LEVEL4 PT & Wellness owners Drs. Oscar and Dawn Andalon
LEVEL4 PT & Wellness owners Drs. Oscar and Dawn Andalon

For almost five years, Encinitas physical therapy clinic LEVEL4 PT & Wellness has been “keeping people healthy for the long term.”

“When somebody goes to physical therapy, a lot of times they’re seen for a certain number of visits and they’re sent on their own with some exercises to do, and we really take more of a full-body, holistic approach,” said Dr. Dawn Andalon, who owns and operates the business with her husband Dr. Oscar Andalon. “We’re trying to help people stay active and mobile, and independent as they age with the services that we have.”

She added that the company’s goal is “giving people the opportunity to be able to better their health in more conservative routes, without painkillers and without surgery.” It addresses different aspects of each person’s health, such as sleep and nutrition, and how it carries over into their daily life.

Some of the most popular issues that LEVEL4 PT & Wellness treats are back pain, sciatica, neck pain and women’s health issues. They also have three pelvic floor specialists, which is a niche within physical therapy, who help women with prolapse, a condition that involves complications caused by the drooping of pelvic organs, or bladder control issues who are thinking about having surgery. Dawn said, “We help many women avoid medications and unnecessary surgeries and have had great success with the women we treat.”

“Women are either frustrated when the only option is some sort of medication or surgery, or just living with it,” Dawn said. “We want women to know that at any age there can be things that we can help them with. A lot of times, bladder problems or prolapse issues can be helped by treating the muscles around that area.”

She added that LEVEL4 PT & Wellness has “a different approach and we’re able to help a lot of women, no matter how old they are.”

The clinic had to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic last year, when many businesses were forced to close due to public health regulations. It began holding virtual sessions with patients at the onset of the pandemic.

“We were able to strive through 2020 during a pandemic, being able to help people, whether it’s online or in person,” Dawn said. “We continue to grow during the pandemic, and having people who sought out more alternative health solutions and being a little more proactive about their health also has helped grow our business.”

She and her husband also released a book called “Thrive, Not Survive Over 40,” which includes their advice on how people can maintain active lifestyles and stay healthy as they get older. It also has stories about their experiences treating various injuries and how clients were able to overcome the health issues they faced.

“We’ve realized that a team approach works better with us both realizing what we’re good at in running a business and owning a business, and how we can do that together in order to support our employees and build them up as well,” said Dawn, who had written a book previously about women’s health and postpartum wellness.

LEVEL4 PT & Wellness is located at 171 Saxony Rd., Suite 105, in Encinitas. For more information, visit

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