Encinitas Rotarians work to upgrade old schoolhouse

Rotarians hung a refurbished sign at the schoolhouse, which serves as the home of the Encinitas Historical Society.
(Luke Harold)

Encinitas Rotary Club members worked on a few touch ups at the old schoolhouse on June 5, including hanging a refurbished sign on the side of the building that faces F Street.

“This belongs to the community,” said Carolyn Cope, president of the Encinitas Historical Society. “This is the oldest building in Encinitas.”

The one-room schoolhouse, which dates back to 1883, serves as the home to the historical society. Preserving the schoolhouse was the primary goal of the historical society when it launched in the 1980s.

The structure now holds photos, exhibits and other historical artifacts illustrating the history of Encinitas. Located about 100 feet from its original location, the schoolhouse is also the starting point for the walking tours given by the society.

The historical society’s handyman, Mike Wallace, had a list of upgrades to be made at the schoolhouse that volunteers worked on throughout the morning.

“Many hands make light work,” Cope said. “And so a lot of little things are happening.”

The revamped sign sits above two doors, one for boys and one for girls from the school’s earliest days. According to the historical society, the school once served all eight of the children in Encinitas.

The schoolhouse is located at 390 F St. in Encinitas. For more information, visit