Chuze Fitness to open in Encinitas next month

The new Chuze gym in Encinitas will feature a turf training area.

Chuze Fitness is opening a new gym in Encinitas in December.

The San Diego-based gym brand is taking over the 15,000-square-foot space left vacant by 24 Hour Fitness on Santa Fe Drive.

The new gym will offer state-of-the-art equipment and amenities to the Encinitas community and beyond, including an infrared sauna, hydromassage, team training, free weights, cardio equipment and a turf training area stocked with agility ladders, plyo boxes, heavy balls and battle ropes.

The Chuze brand was born and raised in San Diego by two families, the Barshicks and the Brightwells, that had been focused in the restaurant business.

“They saw an opportunity to bring hospitality to the fitness category,” said Billy Grenham, Chuze Fitness chief marketing officer. “We offer top-of-the-line guest services, cleanliness and friendliness in a category that really needed it.”

Their first gym opened in Carlsbad in 2008 and in the last several years, Chuze has expanded into Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico and has close to 300,000 members: “To grow in our backyard of Encinitas is incredibly exciting,” said Grenham.

As Grenham said, “cleanliness and friendliness is our whole vibe” and Chuze aims to be a sparkling clean and a non-intimidating environment filled with everything a person could need for a great workout.

The Encinitas location will be the first to offer a “Recovery Studio” with a dedicated space for rejuvenating and repairing the body after a sweat session with an infared sauna, hydromassage lounge chairs and a station to use percussive massage therapy devices like Theraguns.

“Another cool feature will be the Team Training Studio,” Grenham said of the space reserved for the gym’s coach-led, high-intensity interval training workouts. The communal exercise experience allows people to track their progress using a heart rate monitor as they move through a complete body workout with treadmills, rowers and TRX bands.

Grenham said Chuze’s membership options offer a high value for low pricing, with plans from $14.99 to $29.99 a month. Chuze is offering a pre-sale for Chuze Encinitas enrollment, the chance to lock in the lowest rates will run through Dec. 31.

To learn more visit Chuze is located at 455 Santa Fe Drive.