Olympic skateboarder Bryce Wettstein named style director for skate apparel company

Encinitas' Bryce Wettstein is now a style director for GEO skate apparel company.
(Raz Azraai)

Encinitas Olympic skateboarder Bryce Wettstein has her own unique style on and off her board: Suspenders, bright colors, funky prints with a vintage vibe and bedazzled shoes, frequently accessorized with a ukelele and always with a smile. The Los Angeles-based skate apparel company GEO (aka The GeoMetro Party) took notice and recently named 17-year-old Bryce its newest style director.

“Bryce was incredible at the Olympics and her authentic personality was shining through in all its rainbow of colors for the whole world to see,” said Australian-born GEO co-founder, Charlie Cosser in a news release. “She has an effortless and unique style and is an artist both on and off her skateboard. She treats everyone with the utmost kindness, especially new and younger skaters who look up to her.”

In a video announcement of her new position, Bryce skateboarded to a jazz piano rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” in her backyard Iguana Bowl wearing GEO’s staple Trash Can Cowboy t-shirt. A life-size installation of the infamous GEO trash can logo was set up on the deck.

The San Dieguito Academy High School senior was already a fan of the “female forward” GEO brand and will now play a role in setting the tone for GEO’s products as well as representing its “all-inclusive, community-driven” values.

“Being welcomed into the GEO Fam feels like coming home but I’m not surprised because that’s how GEO makes everybody feel, “Bryce said in the news release. “I can’t wait to begin this exquisite adventure.”

Bryce Wettstein skates in style.
(Raz Azraai)

Bryce will be working on her own GEO signature collection which will be available to buy online through the GEO shop and also offered to the brand’s retail partners such as Urban Outfitters, Tillys, Dolls Kill and Eastern Skateboard supply, the largest skate distributor in the world.

Bryce recently donated her backyard vert ramp to the Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA Skate Park. It opened to riders this month.