North County sorority chapter raises funds through Zumba


A North County-based chapter of the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority raised more than $600 during a Zumba fundraiser on Feb. 19 at Alamosa Park in Oceanside.

The money will be used for community service activities and scholarships.

One of the chapter’s members, Cara Michel, said the group’s purpose for holding the event was “multifold.” The chapter was chartered a few years ago.

“Since then, so many things have happened we haven’t had a chance to really let the community know we’re here and that our purpose here is community service and scholarships,” said Michel, a first grade teacher and Zumba instructor.

In addition to the fundraising, the event helped raise awareness for the chapter’s presence in the community.

“[Participants] got to learn a little more about us and now have a place to go for more questions,” Michel said. “In that sense, we definitely feel it was successful.”

Zeta Phi Beta, an historically Black sorority, was founded in 1920 at Howard University. The chapter held its Zumba event in February to coincide with Black History Month and American Heart Month, which raises awareness for cardiovascular health.

Carmel Honeycutt, another member of the chapter, said some of the upcoming goals include combating domestic violence.

“It was eventful, it was really fun,” she said. “We met a lot of nice new people from the community who came out to support, and we made some connections.”

For more information on the chapter and its philanthropic projects, email