Cardiff-by-the-Sea sign refurbished on Chesterfield Drive and San Elijo Avenue

The Cardiff-by-the-Sea sign
The Cardiff-by-the-Sea sign on Chesterfield Drive and San Elijo Avenue is looking fresh and brighter with the help of local master craftsman Roberto Mendez.
(Alison Wielechowski)

Some area residents may remember when the windstorm in January 2021 damaged one of the iconic Cardiff-by-the-Sea signs. The large wooden sign on Birmingham and MacKinnon was left in need of immediate repair and stabilization. Some people may even recall that Cardiff 101 Main Street started a GoFundMe campaign to have it refurbished by local master craftsman Roberto Mendez, and the installation of the new sign took place in May of last year.

Mendez has been hard at work again because the Cardiff community raised enough funds in 2021 to refurbish another one of its Cardiff-by-the-Sea signs, according to a Cardiff 101 Main Street news release . This time, the refurbished sign is on Chesterfield Drive and San Elijo Avenue. The sign’s renovation was completed on March 25, and visitors can view it as they drive through Cardiff, the news release stated.

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