Local executive coach releases first book ‘Yes First – Taking Action in Uncertain Times’

Author and Executive Coach Stefanie Dumont
Author and Executive Coach Stefanie Dumont

Stefanie Dumont sums up her life’s work in two words – human potential.

For the past 20 years, Dumont, a Cardiff resident, has worked with individuals and groups to help them achieve their goals, in the capacity of an executive and transformational coach.

“I help my clients’ dreams become their daily lives,” Dumont said. “I lead individuals, teams and organizations to success.”

In addition to her work with clients, Dumont co-founded a blog, “Conscious and Carefree,” and hosted a show on the Awake TV Network. Now, she’s turned to a different medium to get her message out. She’s written a book, “Yes First – Taking Action in Uncertain Times,” available on

Dumont said the self-published volume, her first, was “the natural next step” in a career spent helping people realize their potential. She’s worked with CEOs, Olympic athletes, artists and philanthropists. The book allows her the potential of broadening the reach of her message.

“My vision is to have this book in book clubs, used by work teams in companies, with staff and family and friend groups,” she said.

Dumont said her background is in sociology, and early in her career, she became fascinated with the burgeoning field of executive coaching. She was hired as an executive coach by a San Diego company, and there she taught motivational courses to groups. Later, she completed an online program at Coach University, and then decided to start her own executive coaching practice.

The cover of “Yes First – Taking Action in Uncertain Times” by Stefanie Dumont.
The cover of “Yes First – Taking Action in Uncertain Times” by Stefanie Dumont.

Success means different things to different people, and the achievements of her clients over the years have run the gamut from meeting their life partner to making more money or treating their staff better and raising morale at their companies, Dumont said.

“People have achieved the goals they’ve come to me and set in different areas of their lives,” she said. “When clients start looking at wins on daily basis, and they understand their personal formula for success, they apply that to everything.”

Dumont said her ultimate goal is a series of coaching guidebooks that can help people set and achieve personal benchmarks. Her new book, the first in the series, is broken down into five chapters: Ask for What You Want; Summoning Greater Love; Befriending Uncertainty; Saying Yes, First; and Finding Your Zone.

The title chapter, Dumont said, refers to the idea that we can move forward in different areas of our lives even when the “whole picture” isn’t clear. “Sometimes we have to take that first step and see what happens next.”

Befriending uncertainty, she said, is the idea that we can choose how to feel about a given situation, even if we haven’t fully achieved a goal or arrived at our destination.

Dumont said she works with the belief that deep down inside, people already know what they want and how to get it, if they can somehow tap into that knowledge.

“We have the answers inside of us, we just need to be asked the right questions,” she said.

Dumont’s personal interests include singing and songwriting, and she recently helped a friend compose and record songs for an album. She’s also a travel buff, and last year, she and her husband and family visited Greece, Croatia and Portugal.

Recently, she became a HeartMath certified trainer. The HeartMath program provides tools for managing stress and anxiety, and also to maintain emotional balance, mental clarity and sustaining resilience, according to the organization’s website.

For more information about Dumont’s work or to access her blog, visit Starting on June 1, she plans to offer a five-week online course taking people through the concepts in her book.

Dumont said her hope is that those who read the book will feel ready for what’s next, have greater confidence and clarity, experience a paradigm shift on how to move forward in life, stay in action with greater flow, love and solutions, and feel comfortable taking action in uncertainty.

“I believe that at any point we can create profound change and momentum forward,” she said.