Locals’ unique invention keeps car windshields haze-free

Ramona and Tim Probasco, the inventors of the InShield Wiper.

Locals Ramona and Tim Probasco invented the inShield Wiper, a device that slides on the back of your hand to remove annoying car windshield glaze that causes a haze that can be dangerous while driving. The Encinitas-based business has sold over a quarter-million products and as it expands, hopes to help more people see clearly.

Until recently, the inSheild Wiper primarily sold on QVC but they are now launching into retail with Travel America convenience stops, Pilot Flying J travel centers and Walmart. The unique product has also landed in Hammacher Schlemmer catalogs.

“It’s an overnight success that took about 10 years,” said Tim.

There were trials and errors with cleaning devices and solutions, figuring out how to get the product manufactured and into stores, and years of hard work and planning and “daily nitty-gritty” for the pair of self-described recovering perfectionists.

“It wasn’t an easy endeavor, Tim and I put in a lot of hard work, a lot of tenacity and a ton of praying. Tim and I really love the Lord and our faith anchors us,” Ramona said.

The inShield Wiper was born when Tim kept trying to clean the inside of his car windshield but became frustrated with how difficult it was to get it clean. Because of the slant of the windshield, he had to contort his body to try and find a way to effectively clean it.

Figuring that the hand is the best cleaning tool, Tim tried to find a device that would fit on the back of his hand as that would be the easiest way to clean the inside of the windshield. As no such thing existed, he decided to invent it himself.

The wiper has a patented cushioned base with elastic straps, holding the microfiber pad in place to comfortably and thoroughly clean with the back of your hand.

Tim comes from a business background and also worked for years with Billy Graham as a speaker on the topics of leadership and communications, entrepreneurship, nonprofits and socially-responsible business practices.

Ramona comes from a background as a licensed marriage and family therapist, a certified domestic violence counselor, public speaker and author. She personally overcame domestic violence and wrote a book called “Healing Well and Living Free from an Abusive Relationship”.

A portion of proceeds from inShield Wiper sales are donated to the Healing Well and Living Free Foundation which helps survivors of domestic violence and their children heal well and live free from abuse.

“I retired two years ago and came on board full time with my sweetie,” Ramona said. “We daily do this together and it has its challenges…and also has great rewards.”

Married for eight years, the inventors and “sweethearts” are parents to three teenagers.

Although inShield Wiper was originally invented to clean the inside of the windshield, Ramona soon discovered that it had many other uses as well. By putting it on the palm of the hand, it cleans fingerprints off smartphones, tablets, laptop computer screens and TVs. It also works around the home on glass surfaces and stainless steel appliances.

“It makes the iPhone just sparkle, it’s amazing,” Tim said. “It’s one device that solves a lot, it’s washable and reusable so you can use it over and over again.”

Ramona also helped create a cleaning solution to paint with the wiper called inShield Washer. The washer solution is EPA Safer Choice certified and Leaping Bunny Certified, never been tested on animals. It was formulated specifically to clean delicate electronic touchscreens, computer monitors, TVs and glass.

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