North County food-delivery service promotes ‘feeding souls,’ too

Woman with veggies
Paulina Szara is the creator of Science and Soul, a healthy food-delivery business based in Encinitas.

(Arielle Levy)

A food delivery company based in Encinitas, Science and Soul is providing more than healthy meals, it’s inspiring change in people’s relationship with food and encouraging them to feed their minds and spirits, too.

Founded in 2020, Science and Soul was born after its creator Paulina Szara moved from Chicago to San Diego in search of change. Working at the Carlsbad gym, Equinox, Szara was often sought out and complimented for her homemade meal prep.

Inspired by health and wellness podcasts during the pandemic, she took what began as passion project and turned it into a business featuring her own menus and meal plans.

“Our meal programs (follow a) low inflammatory lifestyle,” Szara said. “I think health isn’t just what you’re eating and putting in your mouth…if you’re not taking care of your mental and spiritual health, then it’s not going to be as optimal.”

The menu at Science and Soul changes weekly and is influenced by both seasons and Szara’s preferences. Meal programs — which are offered individually and in two -,three- and five-day plans — include dishes that are gluten free, plant-based and low glycemic.

From pastas to salads to gluten-free desserts and breakfast options, Science and Soul’s food is made in its commercial kitchen and delivered ready-to-eat, all across the county.

Szara’s said her mission is personal as she endured chronic issues and stress during her move to California. She says she tried “every diet under the sun” hoping to heal her health concerns but quickly realized her relationship with food and herself were just as important as nutrition.

Learning to manage stress is equally as crucial as eating healthy, low-inflammatory meals, Szara said.

“Health is all encompassing,” Szara added. “I really try to promote that mindset.”

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Roxana Becerril is a freelance writer.