World-renowned spiritual master, healer to visit Encinitas


Her Holiness Sai Maa, a world-renowned spiritual master, healer and humanitarian, will visit Encinitas’ Seaside Center for Spiritual Living on Feb. 17.

Sai Maa, who lives in India, will visit Encinitas to offer Darshan, a form of blessings that is not affiliated with any religion.

She is the first woman in the Hindu Vishuswami’s 2,700-year-old lineage to be named Jagadguru, an esteemed Indian title given to Sai Maa for her humanitarian service and spiritual mastery.

Prior to her visit to Encinitas, Sai Maa explained Darshan and her humanitarian work.

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For those who have never received Darshan, can you please describe the process and what it does for them?

Darshan is so simple. You will be given clear instructions before I arrive. Remain in silence, acknowledging the sacredness of these moments together. Walk slowly up to me in a line with others, and once you stand before me, you open yourself as I touch you with peacock feathers filled with pure, divine light. I love you, you are embraced by love. There is nothing for you to do, just be loved, be love itself.

What makes Darshan an important celebration?

In our world right now, it is so important for people to realize that their essence is love, that they possess divine qualities within them, that they are divinity itself. Darshan offers those who attend the opportunity to stand before Maa and receive my love, blessings, divine Shakti (energy) — activating their divine light as love.

What does Darshan do for those who participate?

As those who attend Darshan receive these blessings, this pure high-frequency energy — which is their own divinity and inner essence as love — is activated within them to carry into their daily lives. Their energetic field is raised, expanded to share with others.

How can people prepare for Darshan?

Come be with me with an open heart, as you are opening yourself to your very own Self, to all of that power within you that is meant to be activated and shared. This is your soul’s purpose. Put aside any doubt, be like a child, innocent and willing to discover, to marvel in what is possible.

Why have you decided to come to San Diego for this event?

I have been to San Diego several times to offer Darshan, as I see this city, this area, to be special in its openness to embrace my love and Shakti. You are so ready! A large community has grown here that comes together when Maa is not physically present, to meditate, to do energetic work, to transform and serve collectively.

What have you provided in regard to humanitarian services and spiritual mastery? Why are these important to you?

I have agreed to incarnate, to be on the planet at this time, to serve. Everyone can contribute through seva — selfless service — as through service we are expressing our soul, realizing that we are all one as love, as light. I have served for years and years around the world: Feeding people, offering food where there are so many who have no food, no nourishment; providing clean water and water filtration systems; medical care, vitamin distribution to prevent blindness in children and cataract surgeries to restore sight; orphans, widows.... I can go on and on. I served recently in Everglades City in Florida after Hurricane Irma. So many who lost their homes, all that they owned. I love seva. I encourage everyone to serve selflessly.

Why is your cause the Sai Maa Vishnu Shakti Trust important to you and what is its mission?

I formed the Trust to allocate donations to humanitarian activities and projects in India that have included providing meals to over a quarter of a million people, providing so many with clear water, medical care, school supplies, and education so necessary for young boys and girls. A women’s shelter where women who have been abused, who are homeless, come to be taken care of, to be educated to be self-sufficient … women’s empowerment. Of course, this important topic is in the news every day now — the dignity, the power of women. The Divine Feminine manifest on the planet. So necessary for so long.

This year, through the Trust, we are completing the construction of the Sathya Sai Maa Moksha Dham, an ashram in Varanasi, India, where many, many people can come to stay, to visit, to receive Darshan when I am physically present, to meditate, to offer seva for humanitarian projects. I invite everyone to Kashi (Varanasi, India) to serve, you are welcome in the heart of Mother. Serve anywhere, everywhere!