Business Spotlight: Level4 now offering wellness workshops


An Encinitas wellness clinic has expanded its reach to make the community healthier by offering free monthly workshops.

Level4 Physio-Wellness-Performance began offering on-site workshops with local health professionals and doctors at the beginning of the year, said Dr. Dawn Andalon, who owns the three-year-old center with her husband, Dr. Oscar Andalon, and Dr. Chris Ingstad.

The workshops are offered free of charge for current and prospective clinic clients.

“We like to provide people with other resources of knowing more about their health and a more holistic approach to overall helping their longevity, the way they feel and the way they perform in life,” Dr. Dawn Andalon said.

The next workshop is scheduled for March 27 at 6 p.m. at the clinic, located at 171 Saxony Road, suite 105, in Encinitas.

The wellness center — which focuses on helping active people overcome injury and maximizing sport and life performance so they can do the things they love — utilizes multiple services such as physical therapy, pilates, yoga, massages, acupuncture and fitness to help clients get back on their feet. It also offers women’s health services, under the umbrella of physical therapy, to provide post-partum and post-menopausal care related to pelvic issues, back pain, hip pain and post-abdominal surgeries.

The business model is aimed at treating people without “unnecessary” pain medications, surgeries or injections, Dr. Oscar Andalon said. Additionally, patients are given more treatment options and attention than those given at typical medical centers, which are more constricted in time spent with a single patient due to insurance limitations and overwork in the medical industry, the doctor said.

The providers at Level4 use a four-step process to help their patients attain their goals. First, clients undergo a “protection phase” where they and the doctors will assess the needs through a face-to-face meeting, full body assessment and patient education. Second, following the identification of a problem, clients endure a “corrections phase” to address the true cause of their ailments. The doctor then provides an appropriate exercise prescription. The third step is called the “development phase,” in which the patient moves forward toward specific goals by using strengthening methods. They also continue to progress mobility, as well as improve movement integrity and endurance. The final step is the “performance phase,” where doctors work with the clients to have them perform their goals, whether that be playing sports or simply being able to take a walk with their spouse.

To learn more about the clinic, visit or call 760-503-4440.

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