Parents clash at Capri Elementary fundraiser event


A Capri Elementary School parent is accused of slashing another parent’s face with a broken bottle at a fundraiser for the school over the weekend.

The alleged incident occurred on March 25 at the Hilton Del Mar, where the Encinitas Education Foundation was hosting its Run for the Roses Spring Auction Gala. What was advertised as a “fun evening out with other Capri Families” turned violent when a fight allegedly broke out between the two fathers.

“There was a dispute between two parties,” said Officer Billy Hernandez of the San Diego Police Department, which is handling the case. “During the dispute, the victim was struck in the face with a glass.”

Paul Pfingst, the suspect’s attorney, said his client was provoked when the victim insulted the client’s wife.

“His wife was subjected to intolerable insults and that was what caused this whole sorry event to take place,” Pfingst said, adding he would not repeat the comments that were made.

Officers responded to Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas at about 9 p.m., where they contacted the victim and took a statement, Hernandez said.

The man received stitches and was released, Hernandez said.

Officers later arrested the suspect, Chad Fuller, at his home on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, Hernandez said.

Fuller, an attorney, posted $30,000 bail and was released from San Diego Central Jail shortly after his arrest, authorities said. His case is currently under San Diego County District Attorney review.

Fuller is scheduled to return to court April 4 to face possible charges, said Tanya Sierra, public affairs officer for the District Attorney.

Capri Principal Carrie Lancon said she believed the incident happened after the fundraiser — which was scheduled from 5:30 to 10:30 p.m. — was over in the hotel’s bar.

“At the point that I was notified, I was on my way out,” she said. “It was unfortunate that something occurred between these two men, but I’m happy it didn’t impact our children and the fundraiser was successful.”

Pfingst said Fuller regrets his actions.

“Mr. Fuller regrets what happened because it certainly detracted from the event,” Pfingst said. “He and his wife are committed to the school and the PTA.”

The Run for the Roses Spring Auction Gala annually raises money for the school’s enrichment program. More than $55,000 was raised at Saturday’s event, according to Capri PTA’s website.