First marijuana subcommittee meeting to be held April 12


The Encinitas city council’s subcommittee on Prop 64 will meet publicly for the first time April 12 to discuss adult use of marijuana in the city.

Deputy Mayor Tony Kranz and Council member Joe Mosca, who were appointed to the subcommittee in February, will lead the discussion beginning at 4 p.m. at the Council Chambers, 505 South Vulcan Avenue.

Residents will be given time to address public comments. Each speaker will be limited to three minutes, according to the meeting’s agenda.

“We really want to listen and to hear from the public on this important issue,” Mosca said.

The subcommittee was approved Feb. 15 at a council meeting when proponents and opponents of marijuana came head-to-head to figure out how to move forward after the passing of Prop. 64.

The subcommittee’s goal is to work with staff to bring back additional information on limited cultivation in Encinitas and consider a scientific survey. The subcommittee will provide recommendations for questions to be asked in the survey.

“Our desire is to get as much feedback and answers to our questions as possible so that we can give the city council some informed and solid choices,” Mosca said.

Last October, the city council opposed Prop. 64, and in 2014 Encinitas residents rejected Measure F, an initiative which would have allowed medical marijuana dispensaries in the city.

City Attorney Glenn Sabine at the Feb. 15 meeting advised if a city does not take action regarding non-medical marijuana, the state can issue a license for a business in a city without the city’s input.

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