Reid Moriarty performs at Encinitas preschool


Reid Moriarty and his acting coach Samantha Ginn performed his energetic Purple Party at Bright Horizons Preschool on April 17 in Encinitas.

The six-song performance engages the students in interactive songs that teach colors, movement, recycling, and autism awareness. Using a visual schedule like he did at their age, the 23-year-old invites the preschoolers to choose the order of the songs.

Students dress in their favorite colors and come forward in turn as his band or dancers. Each of his original children’s songs has an accompanying activity. For the “Red Song by Reid” teachers wore fire hats and played kazoos. Another fan favorite was“Mellow Yellow” as children kept two large yellow balloons off the ground floating in the air.

The presentation culminated with Reid’s hit single, “Purple Party.” Reid invited all the children to get on their feet and “show us your purple dance” as the lyrics prompt.

Reid is a staple at local preschools and elementary schools, continuing to delight audiences with his “Purple Party” presentation. Past performances include his alma mater The Village Preschool, Coast Kids, Alexa’s PLAYC, and Solana Beach Child Development Center. Reid also has presentations geared for children in first through third grade and older students titled, “My First 50 Podcasts.”

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