TEDx event in Cardiff to discuss community


An event centered on community and how people interact with each other today will take place next week in Cardiff-by-the-Sea.

TEDxCardiffbytheSea, on May 12 at EVE Encinitas, will include 12 local and visiting speakers who will talk on a range of topics, including health, philosophy, activism, poetry and building community, regarding the theme “We’re All in This Together.”

Speakers include JP Sears, James Schmachtenberger, Joel Sprechman, Claire Wineland, Kevin Gilbert, Scott Steele, Brandon Hawk, Forrest Landry, Kamala Devi, Bianca Heyming, Brooking Gatewood and Jennifer Russell. Each speaker will have between eight and 18 minutes to speak.

TEDx events are local and self-organized gatherings that bring people together to share a TED-like experience, according to TEDxCardiffbythesea’s website.

Unlike other TEDx events, which are run by committees, this one is run only by Encinitas residents Dave Booda and Michael Deutch.

“My idea of putting this particular event on was to create something that is more of a movie with a director than a group of people that decides something,” Booda said. “I felt like we had the opportunity for a more streamlined process. I wanted to try to produce the best event possible, and I thought this was an interesting way to do it.”

He said he believes people in Western society are unaware of how a lack of community can affect their lives — in areas like marriages, jobs or fitness — and have become too accustomed to living individual lives.

Booda, who now lives in Cardiff but grew up in Boston, said he has noticed a growing disconnect between people.

“To me, community is the cornerstone to living a quality of life,” he said. “We don’t realize we’re missing it. I think lack of community is the biggest problem we have as a human species. ... It’s amazing what can happen when people lean on each other, and I think we’re really missing that.”

Deutch said he hopes the event inspires and encourages deeper thoughts around community.

“As a takeaway, it would be wonderful if people re-think how they participate in community, how they want to give more or be more of service and appreciate how their community has served them in their lives,” he said.

Deutch believes the theme is relevant today. “Given the political environment and all the changes that are happening in the world, I think there’s a reminder for everyone that we are all in this together, and that we’re one people,” he said. “We’re approaching the theme from looking at that question or inquiry from a variety of different angles.”

Tickets are available for $100 for general admission and $75 for experience tribe members at It will be held from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at EVE Encinitas, 575 South Coast Highway 101.