City sets regulations on commercial vehicles in residential neighborhoods


Large commercial vehicles will be more heavily regulated in all Encinitas residential neighborhoods, following approval by the city council on May 10.

The council voted unanimously, with Council member Mark Muir absent from the meeting, in favor of an ordinance that amends city code to prohibit large commercial vehicles weighing at least 10,000 pounds from stopping, standing or parking in residential districts, following complaints from residents.

Current city code only covers certain residential neighborhoods exceeding a specific size, but the new ordinance includes all residential zones in the city, including mobile home parks.

The concern was first brought up at the council’s June 22 meeting, where they directed staff to bring it to the Traffic and Public Safety Commission for review. The commission then recommended the new ordinance.

Under the new law, large commercial vehicles that stop, stand or park in residential districts — without an approved reason — may be removed by law enforcement or cited.

“We feel it will help the sheriff’s department enforce on those streets that are kind of in the gray area,” said Rob Blough, city traffic engineer.

The ordinance will not impact commercial vehicles that are making a pickup or delivery of goods; providing services to property located on the restricted street; and delivering materials to be used for a project for which a building permit has previously been obtained. Buses that load and unload passengers at established zones were also exempt.