Business Spotlight: El Camino Memorial offers services before, after death

Upon pre-arranging memorial services for her own parents, Rachel Bennett said she felt “tremendous peace of mind.”

“I couldn’t believe the relief I experienced by simply knowing what to do for our family when my mother passed away,” she said. “It is not something you generally think about. Once you do, it is so obvious that arrangements should be addressed in advance.”

After that life-changing experience, Bennett pursued a career in helping others pre-arrange funerals for loved ones. She now works as a family service counselor at El Camino Memorial Park.

The 57-year-old Sorrento Valley-based El Camino Memorial Park, situated on 211 acres of lush rolling hills, offers cemetery and mortuary services, combined or separate. Amenities include catered receptions, a chapel, event space, an on-site floral shop, multicultural funerals, cremation memorials, customized memorials, double-depth companion plots, flat markers, mausoleums, private family estates, private mausoleums, scattering garden for cremation, upright headstones, veterans cemetery section and a water feature.

Bennett emphasizes the ease that pre-arrangements can offer families.

“There are tremendous financial benefits associated with pre-arranging final expenses,” she said. “However, I believe the emotional benefits of pre-arranging are far more significant. I’ve done hundreds, if not thousands, of pre-arrangements and arrangements at the time of loss. A pre-arrangement in place always reduces the burden on loved ones during a time of grief. Making arrangements in advance is truly a gift you leave behind to help your family during one of life’s most difficult experiences.”

Bennett said most of her pre-arrangement clients are in their 40s or older, and many are planning services for themselves and their parents at the same time. She said she also serves many long-term couples who decide planning their services is something they want to do together.

“El Camino Memorial has some incredible options for families, but whether you are looking for the legacy of a grand estate or the simplest of arrangements there are many options from which to choose,” she said.

El Camino Memorial Park is located at 5600 Carroll Canyon Road in Sorrento Valley. For more information, email Rachel Bennett at

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