Alleged attempted kidnapping unverified so far, authorities say


Authorities say an alleged attempted kidnapping case at Park Dale Elementary on June 6 is still unverified to date.

The Encinitas Union School District in an email June 7 warned Park Dale Elementary parents about a possible attempted kidnapping that happened at the school the day before.

Principal Erin Terry informed school staff and parents that an unknown woman allegedly approached a student and told him, “Your mom told me to pick you up.”

The student did not recognize the woman and ran away, according to the email.

Terry said immediately after learning of the incident, she informed the student’s family. The parents made a report to authorities, according to Terry’s email.

But the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department said there is not enough evidence to justify if an attempted kidnapping did take place since no one else saw the woman.

“We cannot substantiate an attempted kidnapping occurred at this point but the investigation is ongoing and detectives are following up,” said Detective Sgt. Joe Tomaiko.

The female suspect was described by Terry as pale, Caucasian, 5’7”, with brown straight hair and was last seen wearing a dress.

In the email, Terry said additional supervision would be provided before and after school.

“I know this incident is frightening and I would like to assure you that we take our student safety very seriously and it is a top priority,” she said.