Seasoned Romanian poet releases first book in U.S.

A Romanian woman who immigrated to the United States more than 30 years ago has published her first poetry book since her arrival.

Cecilia Cetateanu — whose pen name is Cecilia Dincetate, meaning "Cecilia of Citadel" — released " Collection of Poetry" through Dorrance Publishing Co. in mid-June.

The 75-page book contains three dozen poems that Cetateanu has written over the last several years. Some of the pieces have previously been unreleased, while others have appeared in various anthologies.

"I write poetry that is from my mind, soul and heart," Cetateanu states in the introduction of the book.

The 80-year-old Solana Beach resident has been writing poetry since her mid-20s and published three poetry collections in Romania — "Romania: Men and Sky," "The Lares of the Days" and "Trial Soul." Those releases earned her praise from critics, she said. "" is her first U.S. release.
" Collection of Poetry" by Cecilia Cetateanu Courtesy

Although she escaped from her homeland of Romania in the 1980s due to a "harsh political climate" — which she said lacked free speech — politics do not play a role in her writing. Instead, she focuses on the beauty of life, such as small birds and nature.

In "Cove at Pacific," Cetateanu commemorates the coastal San Diego city of La Jolla and its features, like the sea lions and sailboats.

"Some day the earth ends in a sway/ The roads break through straight to the sky and kites/ Escaped from childhood/ Jingle at the threatened seals' neck/ People sail fearlessly on the sun at dusk..."

Other pieces of writing highlight religion.

In "Breaking News," Cetateanu comes to terms with meeting a higher power at the end of life.

"... I God/ Deep solitude and peace all around/ Only Him can unlock and let me free/ Beyond time/ Beyond space/ Beyond words/ On my knees/ Looking up/ And sharing Love."

The retired engineer, who designed high-accuracy position sensors for major space and defense programs, referred to poetry as her soul's hobby" and engineering as her "mind's hobby" in the book's introduction.

"Paradoxically, poetry and science meet under the auspices of creativity," reads the introduction. "I am fascinated by the carving of the aerial marble of words and numbers to create a micro-universe, to energize it and to be overwhelmed by its multiplied power and vision. A good poem, a good tool, is a work of love and belief."

"" is available for purchase in paperback and eBook editions at Barnes and Noble and on