Business Spotlight: Level4 helping clients get back to activities, living life pain-free


At Level4 Physio-Wellness-Performance, those experiencing pain and wanting to get back to the activities they love can be ensured they’re getting the proper care from a team with a combined 40 years of experience and multiple disciplines.

The three-year-old Encinitas-based integrated wellness clinic, which relocated from Carlsbad two years ago, utilizes multiple services such as physical therapy, pilates, yoga, massages, acupuncture and fitness to help people get back on their feet. A nutrition component is expected to be added in the near future.

Because the center is a one-stop shop of sorts, patients can be confident about effective communication between their providers. The doctors spend weekly meetings together assessing patient needs to ensure they are getting the proper care.

“We’re not in the business of giving the most services; we’re in the business of giving the best,” said Dr. Oscar Andalon, one of four owners of Level4. “For us, it’s all about results. That’s all that matters. Period.”

Andalon — who owns the practice with his wife, Dr. Dawn Andalon, as well as business partner Dr. Chris Ingstad — said Level4 focuses more on the “proactive sense” rather than “reactive.”

That means the business model is aimed at treating people without “unnecessary” pain medications, surgeries or injections, Andalon said. Additionally, patients are given more treatment options and attention than those given at typical medical centers, which are more constricted in time spent with a single patient due to insurance limitations and overwork in the medical industry, the doctor said.

Andalon said what makes Level4 unique is they like to service people who “value their health more than what the cost is.” Typical clients are aged 40 and older and want to improve their physical health for activities, he added.

“With a typical medical model, our hands are tied,” he said. “Therefore, us as providers, we can’t sleep at night because we’re not able to really give our clients what they deserve. We decided to build an integrated wellness center that really gives people the information so they can solve their problems. We always say we’re in the pursuit of better, and therefore we try to help people improve their quality of life naturally.”

Additionally, Andalon said he believes the quality of care has “diminished.”

“We’re trying to fill that gap,” he said. “There’s a better way, and we feel we’re filling that need.”

The providers at Level4 use a four-step process to help their patients attain their goals. First, clients undergo a “protection phase” where they and the doctors will assess the needs through a face-to-face meeting, full body assessment and patient education. Second, following identification of a problem, clients endure a “corrections phase” to address the true cause of their ailments. The doctor then provides an appropriate exercise prescription. The third step is called the “development phase,” in which the patient moves forward toward specific goals by using strengthening methods. They also continue to progress mobility, as well as improve movement integrity and endurance. The final step is the “performance phase,” where doctors work with the clients to have them perform their goals, whether that be playing sports or simply being able to take a walk with their spouse.

Andalon said seeing the transformations is one of his favorite parts of his job. In one case, a Poway woman was confined to the first level of her two-story home due to a knee injury that was so severe that other doctors had recommended a total knee replacement. The woman visited Level4, completed their therapy treatments and within weeks was able to walk around on a trip to Europe, Andalon said.

“It’s really uplifting, for me personally,” the doctor said. “We’re on this earth to give back to others and help them really achieve the life that they deserve. Our current medical model limits people, and the insurance model is also very limited. Therefore, we don’t really see the person’s potential because we cut them off too soon.”

Level4 regularly hosts workshops at community centers such as the Boys & Girls Clubs and YMCA to educate the public on alternative methods than those typically advised by average medical providers.

Level4 is located at 171 Saxony Road, suite 105, in Encinitas. To learn more about the clinic, visit or call 760-503-4440.

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