Aurora Capital provides a different way to think about life insurance costs


Aurora Capital Alliance wants people to know there are more options out there for them when it comes to life insurance.

The decade-old, Rancho Santa Fe-based premium finance company works with advisers and their clients across the country in the design, implementation and administration of the financing of large life insurance premiums.

Alex Bellini, founder of Aurora Capital, said he wants to raise awareness to let people know they don’t have to pay for their life insurance premiums in cash.

“A lot of people don’t even know it’s an option,” he said. “It’s important to understand there are multiple ways to purchase, really, anything in the world. Life insurance is just another one of those assets.”

To qualify for Aurora Capital’s services, individuals must have a net worth of more than $5 million, be insurable and be 85 years of age or younger.

Bellini said it is similar to taking out an interest-only loan for a mortgage. The loans also do not show up on credit reports.

Aurora Capital serves hundreds of people and thousands of advisers across the country. Because of its business-to-business model, the company typically works with advisers, who then work with their clients.

The company’s services benefit clients, advisers and banks, Bellini said.

He said advisers and lending institutions benefit from the selling of large life insurance policies, and banks benefit from the loan interest revenue.

People who choose to finance with Aurora Capital can acquire large amounts of life insurance without having to pay cash. They leverage a bank’s money and only pay the interest, Bellini said.

“We want to advocate for people to look at their options and understand there are more options available,” he said. “If they can benefit from this, fantastic. If not, at least they know they made a well-informed decision.”

For more information about Aurora Capital, located at 16081 San Dieguito Road, Suite E7, Rancho Santa Fe, 92091, 619-595-4832. Visit

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