Cardiff School District to host workshop regarding school renovation


The Cardiff School District will hold a workshop Nov. 16 from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at Cardiff School, 1888 Montgomery Ave., to discuss proposed conceptual site plans for the school.

In November 2016, voters approved Measure GG, which allotted $22 million of Prop. 39 general obligation money to the district to fund school modernization for Cardiff School and Ada Harris School.

Measure GG called to modernize Cardiff School by replacing outdated roofs; renovating or replacing existing deteriorating water, drainage and sewer systems; upgrading inadequate electrical systems; improving energy efficiency; replacing aging temporary portable classrooms with new classrooms; constructing a new multipurpose room; improving handicap accessibility; repairing paved surfaces; and upgrading the library, labs, school office building, playgrounds and play fields.

According to a news release from the district published Sept. 27, the school’s redesign “prioritizes the programmatic needs of the school to support the education, safety and security of its students, while honoring the district’s role as a community resource for meetings, events and athletics.”

The school district said Studio E Architects, the design firm that was hired for the project, used community feedback provided during 2016 Measure GG focus group meetings as the primary drivers for the conceptual design plans.

The field space on the northwest side of George Berkich Park will be partially reorganized for kindergarten and extended day buildings, according to the news release.

The district said that while the overall size of the fields decreases in the conceptual site plan, community athletic programs can continue at the school. The plan includes two youth regulation-sized soccer fields that can be configured within the open space at the park.

Community members are encouraged to attend the Nov. 16 meeting to discuss the site plans. For more information, visit