Progress continues on Cardiff School rebuild project


Cardiff School District presented site plan updates and proposed a three-phase construction approach to rebuild and remodel Cardiff School at its monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees for Cardiff School District on Nov. 8. The update and proposed construction call out three phases of sequential work as opposed to two phases in the previous draft presented last April.

The first two phases will comprise the majority of the rebuild, including 18 regular and specialty classrooms; new extended day rooms and playground; kitchen and lunch area; new blacktop, playfields and play structures; a multipurpose room with adjacent music room and outdoor assembly seating area; and a drop-off and pick-up zone with additional parking.

The third phase will include three specialty classrooms and two regular classrooms. Space and conceptual designs will be provided for these additional buildings, which will allow them to be built when funding becomes available.

Phases one and two will take approximately 18 months to complete and will provide space for all kindergarten through second-grade students and specialty programs. At this time, it is expected that all third-grade rooms will remain together at Ada Harris upon completion of the construction project. Completing phase three at Cardiff School in the future will accommodate additional students as needs arise.

The updated site plan and three phase construction approach resulted from a timely review of current construction market conditions and in an effort to properly manage Measure GG funds and stay within budget.

The review found that the three-phase approach was necessary to address escalating construction cost, as a result of current economic conditions, including the new tariffs and higher labor costs due to demand as a result of extensive current school construction. Other increased costs include previously unknown site utility expenses and additional site drainage requirements.The project is currently in its environmental review phase, and the district will certify the results of that review at an upcoming meeting. Construction plans will be submitted to the Division of State Architect for review in early 2019.

The district has also advanced a plan with the California State Parks Office of Grants and Local Services (OGALS) to address a 1993 Land and Water Conservation Fund Grant related to the school playfields, known as George Berkich Park. The grant requires that a certain amount of the site remain as outdoor recreation area in perpetuity. The district has followed the direction of OGALS in developing a proposal that enhances the outdoor recreation area while addressing student safety and accommodating the school’s educational program needs. The district is coordinating with relevant agencies on this effort.

Design for the new Cardiff School was a result of extensive public outreach that brought teachers, students, parents and the community at-large together to collaborate on the rebuilding and remodel of the 55--plus-year-old school.

The development of the final site plan was guided by six key goals, which included creating a safe and secure environment; prioritizing learning spaces; improving traffic flow and safety for pick-up; connecting the school to the community; prioritizing green space and views; and emphasizing sustainability and environmentally focused design.

“The new Cardiff School will embody these six goals, reflect extensive public input, and maintain the Cardiff charm that makes this campus so special,” said Cardiff School District Board President Siena Randall. “We are excited to deliver the community what they were promised as part of this important bond measure.”

The Cardiff School rebuild is part of a $22 million bond measure approved by more than 66 percent of Cardiff voters in 2016. The district will continue to provide information to stakeholders to ensure students, parents and voters are informed as Measure GG projects progress. More information may be found at — Submitted news release