Boerner Horvath reflects on time on council, goals for Assembly


Tasha Boerner Horvath may have recently left the Encinitas City Council, but the now-assemblymember said she will continue to represent the city while in her new state position.

Boerner Horvath, who served on the city council since 2017, was chosen to serve as the 76th District Assemblymember against opponent Elizabeth Warren in the November election and was sworn in mid-December.

In a recent interview, Borner Horvath said she was proud of herself and her council colleagues for actions such as the city’s climate action plan, the Leucadia Streetscape, an inclusionary ordinance for housing affordability — which was raised from 10 to 15 percent — and a deed-approved ordinance for alcohol, some of which she worked on while serving on the planning commission.

Boerner Horvath said she was especially proud of these accomplishments because they were “driven by the community” and acted upon by the council.

“You look at the environmental values of our city, that’s reflected in our Climate Action Plan,” she said. “If you look at the balancing of driving local businesses with legitimate needs for residents for peace and quiet, we did that through the deed approved ordinance. Balancing housing that’s more affordable with residents and neighborhoods is inclusionary. The Leucadia Streetscape has been an ongoing, 10-year discussion on how we revision our main street for bikes, pedestrians and cars.”

She said she was also proud of working alongside her colleagues, even when they each offered different perspectives at times.

Together, she said, they had the “best and fastest response in the county” to Hepatitis A and addressing homelessness.

“We have some great numbers on that, and there’s more to do,” she said. “We’ve really shown there’s a way for small cities to make a difference with homelessness, and I’d like to thank Mayor [Catherine] Blakespear for her leadership on that, as well as our partnership with the Community Resource Center.”

Boerner Horvath, who served on the Encinitas Planning Commission before being elected to the council, believes her city positions will help her in her new state role.

“Serving on the planning commission and city council gives me a unique perspective in the capital of a district that’s probably very atypical of other districts in our state,” she said. “Getting down to the weeds and understanding the nuts and bolts of what we need to do to fight climate change and how can we work with our cities to do that is something that I can come with an advantage on.”

She said the area has a unique challenge of having a lot of its transit in the coastal zone, which is subject to sea level rise.

While Encinitas has had its own struggle with affordable housing, Boerner Horvath said that issue is also present throughout the district, which includes the cities of Encinitas, Carlsbad, Oceanside and Vista, as well as the Camp Pendleton Marine Base.

As the 76th District Assemblymember, Boerner Horvath said her focus remains on issues that “empower hardworking families,” such as affordable housing, renewable energy, infrastructure projects and education.

She said she plans on working “just as hard” for the entire district as she did for Encinitas.

“Our voters in our district can expect the same level of hard work, thoughtfulness and responsiveness to the community that I have shown on the city council,” she said.

The Encinitas City Council is expected to appoint someone to replace Boerner Horvath early in the new year.

Boerner Horvath said she hopes her replacement continues her efforts on safe routes to school, making the rail corridor a better neighbor and looking at sea level rise and its effect on the community.

“I have every confidence that this council will choose the appropriate representative that will complete this council and make an effective working body that represents the people of Encinitas,” she said. “I trust in their choice.”

Boerner Horvath, who will split her time between Encinitas and Sacramento, welcomes visitors to her office at 804 Pier View Way, suite 100, in Oceanside. She can be contacted at