EOS Fitness offers affordability, variety


“Better gym, better price” isn’t just the tagline of EOS Fitness. It’s their mission.

The gym, which has 23 locations across the country, opened a club in Encinitas in May.

The location, at a former Fitness Evolution site at 780 Garden View Court, has since gained about 2,700 members and features a popular cycling program and outdoor functional movement area, as well as a variety of exercise equipment.

Richard Idgar, regional vice president of sales and operations for the California market of EOS Fitness, considered Encinitas an ideal location for the gym.

“There’s a very community feel there, which is really wonderful and serves us very well,” he said. “We’ve been building the member base there quite quickly.”

Idgar said the gym is dedicated to helping its members achieve their goals.

“The great thing with EOS Fitness, in general, is that we can appeal to the masses,” he said. “You have the ability here to take advantage of our amenities and services at a very affordable price.”

Most locations cost between $9.95 and $29.95 per month, he said. Single-club basic memberships and platinum memberships with multi-club access are available.

The gyms include amenities like the popular EOS Cardio Cinema — where people can watch movies while they work out — and group exercise programming for body pump, body combat and boot camp.

“All these classes would be fantastic for anyone that’s coming to us in the new year after all the holidays and trying to lose some body fat percentage and get into great shape,” Idgar said.

The clubs also include outdoor functional movement areas with equipment such as battle ropes and free weights that go up to 130 pounds, which can appeal to bodybuilders.

But Idgar said anyone can feel comfortable working out at EOS Fitness, regardless of skill level or ability.

“We definitely come from a background of serious fitness but also offer classes like soft programming as well,” he said. “Depending on what you’re looking for and what’s going to help you achieve your goals, we believe that we have all of that available. We’re really trying to make an impact, not only to a small select group but be inclusive to everyone within the community.”

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