City to host public Climate Action Plan update workshop July 11


The City of Encinitas will hold a public workshop on its draft Climate Action Plan (CAP) on Tuesday, July 11 from 5 to 7 p.m. at Encinitas City Hall, 505 S. Vulcan Avenue, in the Poinsettia Room.

The workshop will outline proposed changes to the City’s existing CAP and will also provide an opportunity for members of the public to weigh-in on the draft plan. The plan can be viewed online at in advance of the meeting. Comments will be accepted in person at the workshop or may be submitted via email at until July 18, 2017.

The City’s original Climate Action Plan was adopted in 2011. It is being updated to reflect new methods for calculating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and projecting future emissions. The update also applies new advances in technology and public policy that offer greater options for innovation GHG emission reduction strategies. The draft CAP sets aggressive goals for cutting emission rates and outlines specific strategies for achieving those goals.

“The new Climate Action Plan will position Encinitas as a leader in transitioning to a low-emission economy,” explained Crystal Najera, Encinitas’ CAP program administrator. “The draft plan proposes specific programs, projects and policies that the City would implement to meet revised environmental goals and establishes a detailed roadmap to get us there.”

The plan outlines measures like alternative transportation, energy efficiency, renewable energy and other adaptive measures to combat climate change. The City will undertake several of the plan’s strategies; however, ultimate implementation success will depend on Encinitas residents and businesses adopting various tactics.

“Because the CAP relies heavily on community participation, it is important that the public have a say in shaping the plan,” continued Najera. “This workshop will provide a great forum for education and community input.”

For more information, please visit and search “Climate Action Plan.”

— Submitted news release