Carlsbad-based Treem launches new app


Treem, Inc., a privately-held startup based in Carlsbad, debuted its new app, the Treem Communications Platform, on Dec. 8.

Available now in the iTunes and Google app stores, a news release describes Treem as an integrated social platform and next-generation messaging app that delivers new levels of privacy, control and integration across the social media experience.

The social media app enables users to organize their communications networks based on their preferences for content consumption and privacy. In addition, the Treem Award Plan will offer the most active and engaged users of the platform 20 percent of the company’s value at sale or public offering.

“Social media is changing, and the lines between social activity, entertainment and business content are becoming increasingly blurred,” Treem Founder and CEO Ken Kaufman said in the release. “We’re developing a totally new application model that empowers users to organize and integrate their digital lives and to more effectively manage a broad range of online content and social connections, with greater privacy and control.”

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