Canyon Crest Academy students to host ‘Debate Deconstructed’


On Sunday, Oct. 9, Canyon Crest Academy will open the doors to the Proscenium Theater at 5:30 p.m. for the much-anticipated Second Presidential Debate followed by an illuminating and civil discussion. Debate Deconstructed is hosted by Envision Conservatory for the Humanities and the Social Science department at Canyon Crest Academy (CCA), in collaboration with experts from the San Diego World Affairs Council, Cal State San Marcos, Border Angels, UCSD and more. This fundraising and civic engagement event will provide more than just fact checking. The Q&A forum features a panel of scholars and experts in international affairs, immigration, world economics, and geopolitics. The event will be moderated by Mark Whitney, founder and CEO of, award-winning political satirist and creator/host of Late Nite Last Week.

CCA students have convened this event to promote respectful civic discourse and to make this election a meaningful, inclusive learning experience. Invited panelists will provide level-headed analysis and deconstruct the issues facing this nation to change the community’s experience of this election from one of vitriolic rhetoric to one of thoughtful questions, a willingness to listen to other opinions, and a chance to make informed decisions on issues of substance. CCA encourages you to join them in making this election instructive for young people by modeling responsible citizenship and respectful behavior. Individual and family tickets are available at

CCA alumnus Holly Ravazzolo will be providing real-time updates from Washington University in St. Louis in the debate. Participation by audience will be through Twitter with written/emailed questions for panelists during and after the debate, moderated by entertaining Mark Whitney. This event will demonstrate how democracy in action can be civil while exciting, as we experience history in the making.

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