Local lacrosse team wins Oceanside Hustle


The 2024/2025 Rotten Cheeseburgers lacrosse team won the Dec. 3-4 Oceanside Hustle Tournament by outscoring opponents 46-23 in six games, including two straight wins over the rival Mad Dogs.

Also competing in the tournament were the Los Angeles Mavs, 3D San Diego and 3D Texas. RC is coached by Joe Rossettie (Cornell), Paul Dohrenwend (Georgetown), Sean Walsh (Roanoke), and Travis Yatsko (UCSD).

RC players are: Beau Hokanson, Brady Edwards, Christian Bentinck, Colby Rossetti, Evan Henke, Finn Hecko, Rinn Nilsen, Jack Chandonnet, Jackson Shafer, Jason Elliot, Kamron Raiszadeh, Layton Allen, Leo Nilson, Lincoln Herring, Magnus Falkiewicz, Mark Brown, Matthew Mannarino, Nathan Lucera, Parker Guiltinan, Rian Singh, Rocco Quade, Ryland Roach, SJ Dohrenwend and Tegan Cleary.