Letters to the editor (Nov. 4): Yes on Measure B for better housing opportunities, less traffic

Having served on the SANDAG Board of Directors for about 10 years, including two years as Board Chairman, I can tell you that it is nonsensical to believe that stopping or limiting home construction will improve traffic. In fact, witness the past decade, new home construction is at historical lows and traffic has progressively gotten worse and worse because people are forced to commute long distances to jobs.

We should support Measure B on the Nov. 8 ballot specifically because it allows for greater home construction east of the I-15 taking some of the growth pressure off of our coastal communities in North San Diego County.

Measure B is an important step towards relieving the supply and demand imbalance as it will provide housing that is affordable to the majority of San Diego families and residents, and is absolutely critical for San Diego’s current and future generations.

Measure B has gone above and beyond what any project has done in the history of San Diego County and will also provide $16 million in road improvements and fully fund a new K-8 school.

Additionally, this new community will not cost taxpayers a single cent and will privately pay for all road, fire, sewer, water and school improvements in the area. The “precedent” this project creates is the provision of well-planned, high-quality, affordable housing to address our regions current and future housing needs.

The North County Leadership Council has unanimously endorsed Measure B and I ask you all to support and vote for Measure B.

Jerome Stocks

North County Leadership Council Chairman

League of Women Voters opposes B

The League of Women Voters supports policies that provide decent homes and a suitable living environment for all residents of San Diego County. Though the well-funded “Yes on A” campaign presents the Lilac Hills development as the answer to San Diego’s housing needs, it is not the solution. The League opposes Measure B and we ask you to do the same.

The League of Women Voters believes this project is inconsistent with the county’s General Plan. Though the General Plan includes provisions for housing development, this project is not suitable for the location. This is a rural area of farm fields, lacking the infrastructure required for the proposed development of 1,746 homes. In the county’s General Plan, the area is zoned for 110 homes.

Ballot-box land use planning falls far short of the systematic approach required for county land use decisions arrived at collaboratively with community planners. Don’t reward developers who choose to bypass this process. Join the League of Women Voters in voting no on Measure B!

Jeanne Brown

President LWV San Diego

Martha Cox

President LWV North County San Diego

Nasty Election

I have been a resident of Encinitas for 32 years. I voted for Cityhood in 1986 and enjoyed seeing our little city grow and mature. City government has always been interesting and vibrant — but always collegial.

This election cycle, however, has changed all that. I don’t know if it’s the ‘Trump” effect or not, but it’s ugly out there. My husband has been an active volunteer for one of the candidates in our local Encinitas election. He has been the one placing the candidate’s large signs around the community. Before placing them anywhere, he checked with the city office in charge of code enforcement to be sure he followed all the rules. In addition, any of the signs placed at retail establishments were with the permission of the landlord.

In one night this week, nine of the signs were torn down and discarded or destroyed. The signs put up for other offices or other candidates were left in place. This is shameless behavior and does not reflect well on our city. I am hoping that after the election is over, civility will return to our fair city’s government.

Joan Gosewisch

New Encinitas