Coast highway speed limit to be lowered in northern Encinitas


The speed limit on Highway 101 in northern Encinitas will be lowered to 30 mph in the near future as a result of City Council action Wednesday, Feb. 13.

Council members voted 5-0 to give final approval to a municipal law reducing the legal limit from 35 mph by 5 mph on the coastal route between La Costa Avenue at the city’s northern border and Encinitas Boulevard, where 101 becomes First Avenue through downtown.

As a result of the council’s action, the speed limit reduction will become effective in 30 days. No one from the public appeared in Wednesday’s meeting to speak on the issue.

Motivation for reducing the speed limit stems from ongoing concerns about safety for bicycle riders on that stretch of the highway, which is heavily used by cyclists.

A high number of motor vehicle and bicycle incidents and the high potential for such conflicts because of speed differences between the two modes of transportation motivated the council’s consideration.

City officials say the new speed limit will be enforceable by radar.