Encinitas seeks to improve bike safety


The city of Encinitas has teamed up with the bicycle safety advocacy group Rider Safety Visibility to help make cyclists become more noticeable to motorists and thus safer when riding on the area’s roadways.

Using funding from a San Diego Association of Governments “mini-grant,” the city and the bike group will offer safety demonstrations, product displays and giveaways at a booth at the Leucadia Farmers Market on Sunday, June 2, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

During the events, Rider Safety Visibility members will hand out free, high-quality, light-emitting-diode lights for both the front and back of bicycles, publicist Kim Merrill said.

City officials have long been encouraging residents to bike or walk instead of using their cars, saying that in addition to the obvious physical fitness benefit, people-powered transport reduces traffic congestion and carbon dioxide emissions.

One perceived barrier to cycling is safety concerns. Merrill said members of the Rider Safety Visibility group will bring new products to demonstrate at the event. One device is a Blue-tooth-enabled helmet with flashing turn signal lights. When a cyclist pushes the “R” button on the handle bars, a right turn arrow starts flashing on the back of the bike helmet, alerting motorists behind the bike of the cyclist’s intentions, Merrill said.

The Leucadia Farmers Market is located at Paul Ecke Central Elementary School, 185 Union Street in Encinitas.

Visit — Barbara Henry is a reporter for The SD Union-Tribune