Student fight videos investigated at La Costa Canyon High

(File photo)

Students at La Costa Canyon High School in Carlsbad were discovered running fight clubs recently, according to school officials, who learned of the issue from videos posted on social media.

“Upon returning from winter break, school site administration at La Costa Canyon High School was made aware of concerning videos and allegations involving a small group of students,” Principal Reno Medina stated in a message to students and families.

Some of the fights took place on campus before and over winter break, Medina wrote. Administrators met individually with students involved in what he referred to as “mutual physical altercations.” Police were called to investigate, he said, and the school contacted families, and disciplined the students involved.

Medina did not specify what disciplinary action the school took, how many students were involved, whether any were injured during the fights, or whether any could face criminal charges for the activity. Carlsbad Police could not be reached for information on the matter.

Medina said school officials took down the social media account that posted the videos, and will watch for ongoing fights among students.

“The safety of our students is the most important thing and violence of any kind will not be tolerated,” Medina stated, adding that the administration is working with students, staff, campus supervisors, and police to investigate the matter.

“I want to thank all of you who have reached out with your concern and support of our school community,” he wrote. “We are grateful for your response and without reservation, we are united as an LCC (La Costa Canyon) Family denouncing this type of behavior on our campus.”

— Deborah Sullivan Brennan is a reporter for The San Diego Union-Tribune