San Diego Botanic Garden announces temporary closure


San Diego Botanic Garden President & CEO Ari Novy announced March 16 that the Garden is temporarily closing due to the coronavirus outbreak. Novy released the following statement:

“Due to the current public health emergency related to Coronavirus (COVID-19), San Diego Botanic Garden is closed to all visitors, members and volunteers until further notice. At this time, the best way we can serve the community is by aiding our societal response to increase social distancing and slow the progression of the virus.

“In order to ensure the safety and well-being of all of our visitors, volunteers and staff, we are taking the following steps immediately:

“--The Garden is closed until further notice.
--All events, classes and public gatherings are cancelled through April 30th.
--All volunteer activities will be suspended until further notice.

“As always, maintenance of our world-class plant collection remains a top priority. We will continue to care for our 5,000+ species of plants so that they remain a living resource for everyone and generations to come.

“San Diego Botanic Garden is a place of respite, comfort and solace for so many of us. We all hope and pray that the efforts we make collectively as a community will reduce the damage the virus does and allow you all back to the Garden as soon as possible.

“Please visit our website at for further updates.”