Encinitas Union plans multiple models for fall reopening

Encinitas Union School District
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The Encinitas Union School District continues to make plans for when schools reopen on Aug. 17, considering a hybrid model and a full-year distance learning model while their intention is for students to return to campus full time. As state and county guidelines continue to evolve, the district plans to provide final plans to families by the end of July.

Families were given until June 11 to commit to a full year of distance learning and so far, 129 students of the district’s 5,400 students have enrolled. With the distance learning program (which will be renamed), students will be expected to be active doing school work at home from 8 a.m. to noon on Mondays through Thursdays. On those days there will be daily live synchronous learning on Zoom throughout the morning determined by the teacher’s schedule. Fridays will be used for catch-up time, intervention and enrichment—students may be asked to meet in person with instructional providers on Fridays as needed.

For the record:

1:03 p.m. July 3, 2020While the district is planning a hybrid model, Superintendent Andree Grey said their intention is to return students to school full time.

Superintendent Andree Gray said since the June 11 deadline, a number of families inquired about changing their decisions at the end of summer when more is known about the pandemic situation. The district plans to maintain a waitlist in August for families both entering and exiting the one-year commitment for distance learning.

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